Monday, October 29, 2012

Writing and Leaps of Faith

Since I am into Philippine Speculative Fiction these days, Anne decided to bring me with her to PinoyWriMo's Kick Off Event for November. Just like Anne, a lot of writers are into the challenge of creating a novel every November. Aptly called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), it is an event throughout the world were writers of all genres create a novel with a minimum of 50,000 words. Apparently there are different groups for different months, but the first one has always been November.

I tagged along just to have an idea on what this is about since Anne also wants me to write. It was a nice experience since I get to learn more about writing and meet other writers as well. It was nice to see that younger people are up to the challenge in making stories too. This is a part of my bucket list, but I am scared shit with the idea of writing. Not to mention the challenge for the word count. After the event, I'm a bit perked up in writing for a story that recently popped up.

The next day Geo, Anne and I went to the Filipinas Heritage Library in Ayala Avenue to have some research. Our appetites decided to have lunch before digging into books so we decided to go to Ayala Triangle to have a feast. Banapple was the usual suspect. 

We had our entrees and of course we did not pass up for dessert. I order their Halloween treat which is Hallow Mallow. One thing I liked about Banapple is that they have big servings even with desserts. 

Anne tried the Dark Chocolate Tiramisu. Both did not disappoint.

After the food fest we went to the library. The Filipinas Heritage Library houses collections related to the Philippines including History and Social Events. 

I had to do research for my story as well since I have no idea on how to start it. Good thing they have  resources for Philippine Mythology and Local Folklore. Some of the books were really helpful and I was able to get the much needed information. It's just funny because I can't remember that last time I stepped into a library to do this. It has been ages since I checked out catalogs and smelled the musky odor of old books.

Writing is daunting for me especially this kind of scale where I have to organize my ideas, and write 50,000 words from it. The plot is there and I have yet to flesh out my characters. Outlines and Summaries are my next task. To think that this is just for prep and not yet the execution. Aargh! I just hope that I make a good output by the end of November.

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